Attention: All Home Owners and Buyers...
Our professional home inspections cover all visible, mechanical, structural, plumbing and electrical systems. In addition, we inspect many other items including, but not limited to the roof, grading, and drainage. Inspections generally take about 3 hours to perform depending upon the condition of the property. When performed by a Professional Home Inspector the buyer will know what to expect from the property if they decide to purchase it. Whether you are selling your home or buying a new home, a quality home inspection by a licensed inspector is always a good idea.
Pre-Purchase Inspections
This home inspection covers all the visible mechanical, structural, plumbing and electrical systems including roof, grading and drainage and many other items.
Seller Inspections
Sellers of homes can benefit by having their home inspected by a Licensed Professional Home Inspector prior to placing their home on the real estate market. A home inspection by a competent home inspector provides the home seller with useful information regarding the condition of their home and provides the home seller with an opportunity to make repairs and improvements that will help the sale go smoothly and maximize their selling price. Snow Enterprises' home inspectors can advise you where to invest your capital to obtain the biggest pay back for your investment.
Septic Inspections
A malfunctioning septic system can represent a significant expense to the home owner. A pre-sale septic system inspection will provide peace of mind to both the buyer and seller and prevent costly delays in closing.
Warranty Inspections
This inspection is a full home inspection, scheduled near the end of the builder's warranty period, which completes the final defect list for the builder before the warranty expires. This inspection gives homeowners reassurance that any and all defects covered under the builder's warranty will be corrected before the term of the warranty period expires, potentially saving the homeowner a substantial amount of money.
Termite Inspections
A queen termite may live for twenty-five years. In that time, the queen will lay thousands of eggs every year. The worker termites then infest wood and cause irreversible damage. Termite inspections are just one of the many necessary services we provide in the management of your REO assets. Performed by a licensed pest control operator.
Water Inspections
The possible presence of e-coli and/or coliform bacteria as well as lead, iron, and nitrates can be a significant health risk. A standard FHA/VA water test can eliminate uncertainties concerning your health. Certain mortgage companies may require this as a pre-requisite to loan approval.
Radon Inspections
It's a little-known fact that radon, a colorless, odorless, radioactive gas found in the earth's rock and soil is the second leading cause of lung cancer. Radon occurs naturally and is produced by the breakdown of uranium in soil, rock, and water. It is classified as a Group A carcinogen; that is, it is known to cause cancer in humans with prolonged exposure. Many buyers are concerned about the health risk, as well as the resale value of their home and want to test for and correct radon concerns.