Lender Services
Snow Enterprises recognizes our clients critical need to protect and preserve their valuable assets. Our team is experienced in the complete REO process, from acquisition to the day of closing. UPAMS, our on-line Unified Property Access & Management System™ will allow you access to all inventory data so you may accurately monitor our performance from acquisition to sale. Whether you need a property condition inspection with full HVAC, plumbing, and electrical system checks, a simple occupancy determination inspection, or more complete field services, we can provide it and back it up with a quality assurance program that has set the standard for the industry.
Snow Enterprises works hand in hand with several of the leaders in the REO appraisal business to streamline the appraisal ordering process. We have established system interfaces with each appraisal company to automatically order an appraisal concurrnet with the initial inspection of the property. In addition, we maintain links to the appraisal on our website along with our own report information to facilitate the availability of asset information.
Occupancy Inspections
Initial inspections provide that crucial, time critical first look at your REO asset. The performance of hundreds of HUD initial inspection daily over a nationwide area has given us the expertise and manpower to be on-site within 24 hours to provide our clients with vital information relating to safety, protection and preservation, and property securing concerns such as: Broken Windows, Water Leaks, Trip Hazards, Debris, Deterioration and Damage.
Initial Property Assessments
We understand the critical need of a client to monitor assets to ensure that each remains in ready-to-show condition. Routine inspections provide a periodic look at the property on a client specific schedule and address concerns such as: Lawn Maintenance, Property Cleanliness, Potential Safety Issues, Vandalism, and Storm Damage.
Initial Services
Once a property has been initially inspected and a report created detailing necessary work, our experienced Initial Services crew can step in and complete all job tasks required in order to get the property ready for market including: Clean Out, Repairs (Safety, Security, and Preservation), Tidy Maid Cleaning, Maintenance, Before and After Pictures.
Lender Marketing Reports
A Lender Marketing Report is created to provide a snapshot of the property features, amenities, and basic information. Supplied in a single page format, it can easily be used as a marketing flyer or handout.
Benchmark Inspections
This inspection is a full home inspection, scheduled near the end of the builder's warranty period, which completes the final defect list for the builder before the warranty expires. This inspection gives homeowners reassurance that any and all defects covered under the builder's warranty will be corrected before the term of the warranty period expires, potentially saving the homeowner a substantial amount of money.
Complete Rehabilitation / FEMA
The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has the responsibility for creating and maintaining the emergency response network and systems of the United States government. FEMA works closely with State and Local agencies to coordinate over-all efforts in response to disasters nationwide. Snow Enterprises has played an integral part in working with these programs to provide complete rehabilitation of properties for occupancy by disaster victims.
REAM / Field Services
Snow Enterprises has experienced REAM service crews that can handle all your Field Service needs including: Inspections, Initial Services, Lawn Maintenance, Snow Removal, Winterizations, and Repairs.
Property Condition Inspections
The completed Property Condition Report will provide a more in-depth look at the property including a description of each system that is present at the property such as: Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC. The Property Condition Report will also include an evaluation of the condition of each of these systems and their functionality. Another important function of the report is to provide prospective buyers with information about the property. We have specially formatted the completed report to act as a buyer's guide suitable for placement on the managing company's web site.
Environmental Inspections
Whether you need mold inspections or abatement, radon screening, lead-based paint screening, or water and septic testing, contact us for specific information on our environmental services.
New Construction Inspections
On new construction our draw inspections will allow the loan disbursements to be accurately determined. We will base our inspection on your determined checkpoints and create an online report for your viewing. We will include online photos showing the current construction progress.