Portfolio Management
Our business is home inspections, and we do them better than anyone else...period! We have incorporated years of experience, cutting-edge technology, and resource management into the quality-packed services that have made us the national leader in home inspections that we are today. We utilize the internet to efficiently transfer reports from remote locations to our central database. Using this system allows our field inspectors to get detailed reports with pictures into our customer's hands quickly. Due to our strong infrastructure, we can provide banks M&M contractors reliable and detailed inspections in record time.
Initial Services
Once a property has been initially inspected and a report created detailing necessary work, our experienced Initial Services crew can step in and complete all job tasks required in order to get the property ready for market including: Clean Out, Repairs (Safety, Security, and Preservation), Tidy Maid Cleaning, Maintenance, Before and After Pictures.
Benchmark Inspections
Clean out and repair of foreclosed properties is a critical step in preparing an asset for listing. Our benchmark inspection will ensure that the property is in ready to show condition. Your specifications will be followed for creating a report format that best suits your needs.
Routine Inspections
We understand the critical need of a client to monitor assets to ensure that each remains in ready-to-show condition. Routine inspections provide a periodic look at the property on a client specific schedule and address concerns such as: Lawn Maintenance, Property Cleanliness, Potential Safety Issues, Vandalism, and Storm Damage.
General Information
Our extensive experience in the servicing and inspecting of Federal Government-owned REO properties has given Snow Enterprises the expertise to work effectively with Property Management Companies in the creation of Client specific inspection report formats. A Nationwide field force of professional inspectors can respond to inspection assignments, delivering reports with a turn around time of as little as 48 hours. Reports are delivered to our clients via email and are available for viewing and download through UPAMS (Unified Property Access and Management System), our web-based asset and report tracking and delivery system. Asset condition can be established and monitored through the performance of various inspection and report formats tailored to a client's specific needs.
Initial Inspections
Initial inspections provide that crucial, time critical first look at your REO asset. The performance of hundreds of HUD initial inspection daily over a nationwide area has given us the expertise and manpower to be on-site within 24 hours to provide our clients with vital information relating to safety, protection and preservation, and property securing concerns such as: Broken Windows, Water Leaks, Trip Hazards, Debris, Deterioration and Damage.
Property Condition Inspections
The completed Property Condition Report will provide a more in-depth look at the property including a description of each system that is present at the property such as: Plumbing, Electrical, and HVAC. The Property Condition Report will also include an evaluation of the condition of each of these systems and their functionality. Another important function of the report is to provide prospective buyers with information about the property. We have specially formatted the completed report to act as a buyer's guide suitable for placement on the managing company's web site.
REAM Services
Snow Enterprises has experienced REAM service crews that can handle all your Field Service needs including: Inspections, Initial Services, Lawn Maintenance, Snow Removal, Winterizations, and Repairs.